Atelier Laforce aps

I am a Copenhagen based artist, who work in and administrate Atelier Laforce (, a collective studio for freelance artists. Here I paint, engrave in copper, do printmaking, illustrations and paintings for books, book covers, magazines, posters, for commercial and for private purposes. 

I have a master degree from Copenhagen University (Master of Arts). 

I have studied at École municipale des Beaux Arts in Southern France, and after that I worked three years at Atelier Halbirk in Paris, from 1998-2001. Atelier Halbirk is highly specialized in engraving and printmaking. I am also a former student of EDTA Sornas, a private illustration and graphic design school residing at Rue Saint Honoré, also in Paris.

My works have been printed several times on Go-Cards and have been exposed at exhibitions in Paris, Birkerød, Belfast, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Bruxelles, London and Copenhagen.

In 2013 I worked another six months at Atelier Halbirk. My project was based on a scholarship from "Den Ingwersenske Fond".

If you want to purchase a piece of art, want further information or to hire me as an illustrator, please do not hesitate to contact me by mail or phone. I look forward hearing from you!